Cliff Stevenson

Cliff is committed to enhancing the technology tools achieving excellence in database integrity for members.

Dakota Sandquist

Dakota Sandquist is a local social media marketing and branding consultant.

Dave - w
Dave has worked on behalf of national and multinational insurers providing a plethora of services.
David Greenspan
With over a decade of industry experience, David brings today’s ideas to life with fresh energy as a speaker and motivator.
Doug Dixon - w

With 36 years’ of real estate experience and 15 years’ practice as an associate and broker, Doug has seen it all.

Gary 2012sq2 - w

Gary has extensive experience in mortgage brokerages and over 20 years’ in the mortgage insurance industry.

Harvey - w
For the past 12 years, Harvey has served as CEO of the Real Estate Insurance Exchange.
Jeff Kahane

Jeff is a well-recognized figure on the local real estate legal scene. 

Marie Leduc

For those who want to learn how to maximize the use of Prospects CRM and Prospects Mobile solutions, Marie is the best source.

Michelle Carre
Michelle is a former REALTOR® who has faced the challenges of work-life balance first-hand.
Pete Baran
For more than 30 years, Pete has worked with business owners and executives in multiple industries.
Phil Unger widget

Phil is well-known for the companies he has started, his thought leadership in Enterprise Architecture and his community contribution and support.

Russ Dantu
Russ is an international speaker who imparts the lost art of customer service through inspiring presentations.
Shane widget

During the 20 years of his career, Shane has focused on making technology an enabler for organizations. 

Sue Styles

Sue has hands-on experience working in the offices of millionaire agents and managing a real estate brokerage.