Shane Griffin


Manager, IT, CREB® 

Shane has been a member of CREB®’s leadership team for the past six years as the IT manager. In his role, he is responsible for the strategic planning and delivery of all things technology. Previously, Shane worked as a technology leader at various levels in the high-tech, energy, financial, transportation, and healthcare industries. During the 20 years of his career, Shane has focused on making technology an enabler for the organizations he has worked with, building bridges between businesses and technology. 

Session: Taking a bite out of big data: Leveraging technology for real estate

Interested in increasing your knowledge of the big data landscape? This session is for those interested in how data inside and outside the real estate industry drives decisions. The session will explain how useful big data can be in your day-to-day business and increase the potential for data to transform how you work with buyers and sellers.


Gain an understanding of big data and how it is being used outside of the real estate market;
Discover what CREB® has been doing within big data and where we are going;
 Learn how big data impacts other areas of the  real estate industry;
• Understand the opportunities big data provides to CREB® members; and
 Find out how big data could change the way individuals buy homes in the future.

Location:  Palomino H
Time:  1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

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