David Greenspan


Vice president, KitS Keep-in-Touch Systems

With over a decade of industry experience, David brings today’s ideas to life with fresh energy as a speaker and motivator. As vice president of KitS Keep-in-Touch Systems, he helps real estate professionals leverage the power of cross-channel marketing, combined with the magic of variable data publishing, to build #MindShare. 

Session: #MindShare101: Integrating sales fundamentals in a fast-paced mobile world
Description: This high energy, power-packed session discusses the real estate professional’s biggest asset—the ability to sell. Presenter David Greenspan analyzes how to effectively integrate the fast moving mobile technology world into your repertoire. By doing so, attendees will discover how to capitalize on basic sales fundamentals to create a business that works harder for you, freeing up spare time as a result.

Discover who your audience really is;
Determine what marketing channels are right for you, and how to budget and plan; and
 Create a daily plan with income-producing activities.

Location:  Palomino F
Time: 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

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