PD sessions

From commercial to condos, property management to elevating your business, the 2017 Forecast Conference & Tradeshow has a professional development session for everybody.

Elevate your business

How to be your badass self!

Time: 1:40 – 2:40 p.m., 3:14 – 4:14 p.m.
Location: Palomino E
Presenter: Michelle Salt

Michelle Salt has always been a strong person but in June, 2011, she faced her most challenging test of strength when she was in a life-threatening motorcycle accident. Salt speaks to overcoming adversity, goal setting and tapping into your inner power.

Course takeaways

  • Understanding the power of setting goals.
  • Simply put, how to be your badass self!

Let’s get digital:  Understanding digital signing and document security

Time: 1:40 – 2:40 p.m.
Location: Palomino D

Presenter: Matt Cohen

Technology is advancing quickly, changing the nature of the real estate transaction. Do you have the information you need to completely understand the risks and benefits of digital signatures and document management systems? Join Matt Cohen as he explains how to maximize these technologies and fully inform your clients.

Course takeaways

  • Understand the difference between digital signatures and e-signatures.
  • Know what security features to look for in document management systems.

Hashtags, aggregation and content curation: Are you leveraging social media?

Time: 3:15 – 4:15 p.m.
Location: Palomino B

Presenter: Melanie Simmons

Social media can be incredibly daunting. Focusing on three major players, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, participants will learn the benefits of each, why you should aggregate content and how to effectively use hashtags. Narrow the field and discover how to leverage your profile by integrating basic social media techniques into your daily activities.

Course takeaways

  • Learn how social media can be integrated into your existing communications/marketing plan.
  • Understand why you should pick one or two platforms and do those well instead of spreading yourself too thin.
  • Learn how to use existing content effectively – or create your own.

Maximizing your impact and influence

Time: 1:40 – 2:40 p.m.
Location: Palomino C

Presenter: Tammy Sherger, CEO

You meet with clients every day, but are those meetings a productive use of your time? Take your client meetings to a whole new level with clear, practical tools and takeaways. Learn how to maximize the impact and influence your meetings have on the goals you wish to achieve.

Remember, it’s not just what you say - it’s how you say it!

Course takeaways

  • Explore tools to build rapport with clients.
  • Understand how to build trust and credibility.
  • Takeaway templates and worksheets to get started immediately.

The wizard of awe:  The secrets of top producers revealed

Time: 3:15 – 4:15 p.m.
Location: Palomino C

Presenter: Sue Styles

Get ready to measure your business against the high standards of top producers. See what you can do to reach the highest level of success.

This presentation covers what the cream of the crop is doing to keep them in the top positions, including using precise systems and processes, staying ahead of the technology curve, marketing with annual plans and keeping clients forever.

Course takeaways

  • Explore the core competencies needed to maintain a high level business.
  • Learn how to assess what they could be doing better.
  • Understand the kind of client care that breeds referrals and keeps clients forever.
  • Learn the top five actions that top agents and teams excel at.
  • Learn the top three rookie mistakes that block high level results.

Funding for new Canadians and foreign buyers

Time: 1:40 – 2:40 p.m.
Location: Palomino G
Presenter: Nancy Kamineski and Kevin MacGregor

In this session, participants will explore funding options for new immigrants and foreign buyers.

Qualified home buyers who have immigrated or relocated to Canada within the last five years are eligible for Genworth's New to Canada program, which allows them to purchase a property with as little as a five per cent down payment.

Find out more about this unique program, as well as interesting stats on what’s on the minds of our new Canadians in relation to home ownership in general.

Course takeaways

  • Help consumers buy sooner, begin building equity and establish roots in communities.
  • Understand the unique products to service the needs of a growing international market.
  • Attract new clients and expand your target market.

The face of foreclosure: Help clients navigate financial distress

Time: 3:15 – 4:15 p.m.
Location: Palomino D
Presenter: Dale Koeller and Kevin MacGregor

Property foreclosure can be a complicated and confusing experience for a homeowner. Many people are not familiar with what legal options they may have and what court processes they must follow.

Join Koeller and MacGregor as they outline how to work with, and keep, foreclosure listings and clients. This session is a general overview of the foreclosure process and how it may affect property owners, and the options clients have to save their home from this process.

Course takeaways

  • Help homeowners to seek help and not avoid the issue.
  • Directly aid clients in finding legal help and a mortgage broker for options.
  • Take action to sell the property with you as their agent.
  • Help clients connect to the right contacts to rebuild credit and turn them into a buyer in a shorter time period.

Find your why: Set yourself apart from competition by creating a social impact strategy

Time: 3:15 – 4:15 p.m.
Location: Palomino G
Presenter: Dave Bonk

Your “why” has the potential to be the source of a rich and meaningful element of your life.

If you are seeking more financial abundance, career/life fulfillment and a meaningful, effective and unique way to set yourself apart from the competition now, this is the training for you.

Course takeaways

  • Be fulfilled now - happiness is said to be in taking steps towards our goals in accordance with our life's purpose. Take that next step now.
  • See a new possibility for marketing your brand.
  • We all have a project or initiative we intend to start ‘someday’.  Get started today.

It’s a jungle out there: How to be a Productivity Ninja

Time: 3:15 – 4:15 p.m.
Location: Palomino H
Presenter: Jill Mallett

As knowledge workers in an ‘information economy’, we are challenged by digital distraction (even addiction), information overload and decision fatigue. With so much competing for our attention, it’s crucial to have productive habits and a toolkit to ensure we can do satisfying and impactful work every day. 

We’ll explore brain science and best-practices to increase productivity and reduce stress.

Course takeaways

  • Gain better control over email.
  • Create a trusted task management system.
  • Reduce distractions and interruptions to increase focus.

The value proposition of real estate organizations

Time: 1:40 – 2:40 p.m.
Location: Palomino H
Moderator: Cliff Stevenson, CREB®, immediate past president
Panelists: David P. Brown, CREB® President; Cliff Iverson, Canadian Real Estate Association President; Bob Jablonski, Alberta Real Estate Association President; and Christine Zwozdesky, Real Estate Council of Alberta Chair.

CREB® invited volunteer leaders to share what motivates them to volunteer their time with the organization they currently lead. In a wide-ranging panel discussion, CREB® Cliff Stevenson drills down to the fundamental value proposition that each organization delivers to you.

CREA President Cliff Iverson, AREA President Bob Jablonski, CREB® President David Brown and RECA Chair Christine Zwozdesky will address issues important to REALTORS®, exchange idea and take questions from the audience.