Included with your booth

The following is included in your booth registration:

• Free wireless internet;
• Black draping for 8 ft. tall back wall and 3 ft. tall side walls;
• One 6 ft. rectangular table with black skirting and white vinyl table cover;
• Two chairs; and
• Carpet.

Please note: For those booths backing onto or beside sponsor booths, the draping height may vary.

GES - Tradeshow Supplier

• Services available for a fee from GES:
• Shipping/material handling (advanced shipments/post show storage);
• Furnishings/specialty items (chairs/tables/furniture/garbage cans/plants/lighting etc);
• Booth display; Signage/banners creation;
• Cleaning/labour (vacuuming, install/dismantle); and 
• Additional services available.

BMO Centre Event Services - Stampede Park

Services available for a fee from BMO Centre:

  • Electrical;
  • Hard wired Internet;
  • Telecommunication;
  • Signage/banner hanging/installation/dismantling;
  • Utilities;
  • Exhibitor building regulations; and 
  • Additional services available.

Book online via this link:

Calgary Fire Department